Sherpa & The Schmuck

A weekly podcast with Marcus Antebi and Ralph Sutton – where they try and unravel the mysteries of Life, Health, Wellness, and which one is the sherpa and who is the schmuck.


goodsugar #009 – Born Lazy

Ralph talks about how he finds the mental strength to run through his hurt foot, and Marcus tells us about how no one is born with a strong work...

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goodsugar #008 – Healing Hands

On this episode of goodsugar, Ralph and Marcus discuss the way that human connection helps with the healing process, both physically and spiritually. We also hear about an injury...

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goodsugar #007 – Building A Strong Core

On this episode of goodsugar, Ralph tells us about how his health has been effected by his consistent workout regimen and about how his experience indoor skydiving taught him...

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