Sherpa & The Schmuck

A weekly podcast with Marcus Antebi and Ralph Sutton – where they try and unravel the mysteries of Life, Health, Wellness, and which one is the sherpa and who is the schmuck.


Plantpusher w/ Nicolo Massa – goodsugar #21

Nicolo Massa, founder of Plantpusher, joins Marcus Antebi to discuss his buisness. PlantPusher offers a wide variety of products and services; our exclusive range of products includes planters, hand...

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The Gene Kitchen W/ Dr. Erika Grey – goodsugar #020

Erika Gray is the co-founder and CMO at ToolBox Genomics and MyToolBox Genomics, a digital platform that takes an individual’s genetic test results and offers a virtual toolbox of...

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Habits & Hustle w/ Jennifer Cohen – goodsugar #019

Fitness savant and best selling author Jennifer Cohen joins Marcus and Ralph on this episode of goodsugar to talk about the mindset it takes to get in, and stay...

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