Sherpa & The Schmuck

A weekly podcast with Marcus Antebi and Ralph Sutton – where they try and unravel the mysteries of Life, Health, Wellness, and which one is the sherpa and who is the schmuck.


Living Up To Your Name w/ Rob Greenfield – goodsugar #025

Activist Rob Greenfield joins Marcus Antebi and Ralph Sutton on this episode of goodsugar! Rob talks to the guys about his years of activism and his minimalist lifestyle. Find...

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The Magic Bullet w/ Didi and Joe Edwards – goodsugar #024

Joe And Didi Edwards founded Magic Bullet together in 2016, a line of nutritional remedies in both beverage and pill form that helps detox the body and replenish it with much needed...

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Sikh-ing Your Center w/ Hargobind Khalsa – goodsugar #023

Hargobind Khalsa joins Marcus Antebi on this episode of goodsugar! Hargobind talks to Marcus about his journey to become the accomplished Yogi that he is today! Find Hargobind Khalsa...

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