Sherpa & The Schmuck

A weekly podcast with Marcus Antebi and Ralph Sutton – where they try and unravel the mysteries of Life, Health, Wellness, and which one is the sherpa and who is the schmuck.


Carb Is Not A Bad Word W/ Don Saladino – goodsugar #018

fitness and Diet Guru Don Saladino joins Marcus and Ralph on this episode of goodsugar! Don and the guys discuss how finding the right diet is different for everyone!...

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A Piece Of Mind On Peace Of Mind – goodsugar #017

On this episode of goodsugar, Ralph and Marcus talk about the methods of meditation used in keeping yourself motivated in a time where you are being bombarded by negativity....

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Superfoods: Fact Or Fiction w/ DR. William Li – goodsugar #016

Dr. William Li, head of the Angiogenesis Foundation joins Marcus and Ralph to talk about how your body and your diet work together to keep you running well. Follow...

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